Achieve Quality and Durability with GSPEC Flooring

GSPEC flooring is a durable, functional, and self-leveling flooring system. Such overlays have lifespans that run for decades, meaning you can be as hard on your floor as your business needs demand, without risking the overall aesthetic of your location. GSPEC flooring from our San Clemente team is more durable than concrete, but can be polished or textured for the various looks, depending on the unique needs of your business. Browse the GSPEC images below. 

Polished GSPEC

Beautiful, Decorative & Resilient

Polished GSPEC, or Green Self-Leveling Polyurethane-Epoxy Cement, is a flooring overlay from our San Clemente construction company that once applied, looks like concrete but maintains increased durability. It will never crack or stain! Polished GSPEC is completely resistant to color shifts and easy to clean, which makes it an excellent choice for a variety of surfaces!


Durable & Slip-Resistant

Textured GSPEC, while just as durable as its polished counterpart, is mixed with sand, paint chips, or other friction agents to ensure skid-resistance. Keep the aesthetic of your building pleasing and nice while ensuring the safety of the employees and inhabitants of your building.

San Clemente GSPEC Flooring

Smooth GSPEC

Smooth Finish & Glossy Look

Smooth GSPEC maintains a matte finish with all of the strength and durability of GSPEC. This functional form of GSPEC flooring from our San Clemente company offers durability and strength for vehicular traffic, stain resistance, and many other features.

Resinous GSPEC

Textured & Slip-Resistant or Smooth & Glossy

Resinous GSPEC is often used indoors to maintain shiny, durable floors. This is particularly useful for businesses like mechanical bays, gymnasium floors, and more. This durable floor overlay is particularly useful for maintaining industry standards, clean appearances, and more.

Indoor GSPEC

Commercial, Industrial & Retail

GSPEC flooring can be used for indoor commercial flooring, restaurant floors, athletic building floors, and more. If you need your location looking clean and want flooring installed that will last for years to come, GSPEC is the way to go!

Outdoor GSPEC

Chemical, Stain & Water Resistant

Imagine any place outdoors you’d use concrete. Now imagine a material that operates like concrete, but is better looking and more durable. That’s where GSPEC comes in. Use GSPEC flooring from our San Clemente team for outdoor sporting arenas, parking garages, and any other outdoor setting.

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