Wine Cellar Design & Installation

TFR Builders is an established construction company in San Clemente, California that specializes in custom wine cellars.


The designers work with various species of wood, acrylic, metal, and any other material to create a truly unique wine cellar. Each cellar has its own personality and is tailored to your personal tastes. Our team is passionate about helping people enjoy their favorite wines and has an extensive portfolio to prove it. For more information, get in touch today with your project details.

Our customers can rely on us to assist them in the design and construction of their wine cellar, wine room, cellar doors, specialty lighting, as well as managing their projects from beginning to end. We can build you an innovative, temperature-controlled environment that will be original and will display your collection protecting your investments.

There are many wine cellar designs, whether you are looking for a temperature-controlled environment that includes a refrigeration system to keep your collection at the optimal 55 degrees or space to showcase your wine that is not temperature controlled. We can help you fit your needs.

For a more traditional look, cork forward storage setup is a great way to keep your bottles neat and organized. You can have them arranged in rows, either vertically or horizontally.

For a sleek, contemporary look we have many options of metal racking including pegs, acrylic light panels, and cables systems.

With more than 150 years of combined experience in the industry, the designers at TFR have created many commercial and residential wine rooms.

When designing your wine cellar, keep in mind the style you want to create. For example, a modern wine cellar will showcase your wine collection on a clean canvas. The racking system will be simple and contain three or four materials at most. The walls and ceiling should be clean and feature cove lighting to show off your bottles. Avoid adding extra flourishes to your wine storage space. While you can incorporate decorative accents into your design, try to keep your design simple.

A wine cellar is like a treasure that you are about to discover. You will have a collection of varying styles and a functional wine cellar, but you’ll never use it because it’s outdated and the insulation is faulty. The best way to use your wine cellar is to build it up and use the space as your main living area. This will allow you to create the space you need but will still allow you to enjoy your wines.

Let’s Build Something Great Together

TFR Builders has worked with homeowners to create the perfect wine room for their needs and tastes. We have completed countless projects and are eager to help you create your dream wine room. To learn more, check out our portfolio or contact us to get started on your project.