Something “New” was added at the “Old” Mission Inn of Riverside!

We were very honored to have been a part of its Planning, Design & Final Placement. The surprise unveiling was quite the Birthday Surprise to the Owner from his Wife.

First things first. . .relocate a Historic Bell dated 1247 A.D. in a Glass & Wood Box.

No one could seem to remember when it was originally placed there.

Now bringing in the “Secret Package” at midnight that only a handful of people knew about.

It was a tight fit with only ½” to spare on either side, but we got it in!

All 1,500lbs of it standing in its permanent location.

Only a few adjustments left to get it to the exact spot.

Great job to the TFR Team!

This beautiful Bronze Statue of Mr. & Mrs. Roberts will greet Guests as they enter the Lobby.

Great Communication & Cooperation with the Mission Inn Team made this a perfect installation!

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Joelle Rogers

Joelle Rogers